Blackberries & Raspberries

Snuz and I were very excited to pick raspberries (and blackberries too).  We went to check out the picking, but it was still too early.  We did manage a few blackberries.  The berries were enjoyed by Snuzzy’s new dangly hot dog earrings too!.  We did go back a few weeks later with Nans, and the blackberries were amazing!  The best I had ever eaten.  Large, juicy, and delicious!  Unfortunately the raspberries were fairly non-existant, but the blackberries made up for it. Yum! :)

Putt Putt & Pool & Pups

Snuz and I played putt-putt quite a few times this summer.  There were also as many pool days as possible.  Dogs of course are always important, both the real kind and stuffed-real kind.  Here are some putt putt, pool and pup shenanigans!

Girl Scout Camp

This year in addition to Puppy Camp, Snuz got to do a Girl Scout Camp.  She selected the “Play With Your Food” camp.  She seemed to have a really fun time and enjoyed it each day (since then she told me months later she didn’t like it because no one ever picked her during their little sally walker game.  that is a bit sad, but she didn’t say anything about it at the time and came home happy each day).

On the last day where the parents got to see everything they did at camp there were photos taken throughout the week hung up all around, so I took pics of those pics.  Snuz did earn a special badge for being a great camper (something that was earned, and only given out to a few kids).

Sewing Camp

Just in case it never happens again, I thought I would highlight Snuz learning to do some sewing with her real sewing machine.  She wants to be able to make Pink Pup clothes right way, so was a bit impatient with the process of actually learning step by step how to sew.  Maybe for right now it seems like a better deal to think up all the outfits and then ask Gram to sew them (works for me – thanks Gram!!!). :)

2015-08-08 10.23.03

2015-08-08 10.23.40

Fairy Festival 2015

We were all eagerly awaiting the Fair Festival this year after discovering all the fun it had to offer last year.  This year Nan’s friend Louise was in town and she got to experience all of the fun with us. :)  Thankfully it was another beautiful day and there were flower headbands and flowy skirts.  Snuz is wearing her very beautiful cream sparkly dress from Great Nanny and she looks very grown up in it!  We did our treasure hunting and shopping.  Face painting happened fairly early on this time so that it could be enjoyed throughout.  I learn the lesson from last time that the doggy face with the black around the mouth wasn’t the greatest idea.  We convinced Snuz to just let the experts give her something beautiful and rainbow, and as you’ll see, they did!

Dixboro Fair

It was a lovely day for the Dixboro Fair.  We made the rounds to the animals and Snuz got to hold a pig, milk a cow, and gaze into the distance with a calf.  There was giant cotton candy, riding a big swing thing (that I had to go on and made me want to barf) and some dancing to some nice folk music.  Medium enjoyed a nice ride dance on Pink too.  Unfortunately the fun ended with some stropping by Snuz and her dropping a folding chair on my toe, but up until then it was fun.  Better luck next year for a full fun time!

July Fun Extras

July had a lot to offer!  Not to be forgotten was a fun playdate with Aidan,  Sleepover & S’Mores and lots of Pool Time.  I love a nice splashy action shot!

Puppy Camp

Now that Snuz is a big kid she gets to participate in things like summer camp!  We started things off pretty easy this year with Puppy Camp!  Of course (mostly thanks to her fabulous sewing Gram) Snuz had a different dog outfit for each day of the week.  Behold!

Girls Day aka Beerfest

Every year while the Dad’s head to Beerfest, the girls get to hang out and have fancy snacks.  Although it is fun to watch people stumble up the hill as they try to leave Beerfest, I have to say that treats with the girls is a lot more fun!